Darwinian Evolution

Around the middle of the nineteenth century Charles Darwin released his work On the Origin of Species. In a relatively short time his theory was accepted by the scientific community. Scientists on the whole adopted the theory that the principle of survival of the fittest explained the arrival of the diverse forms of life on earth. However, was the adoption of all the implications of this theory in any way hasty, or misjudged?

This section demonstrates the many difficulties with the theory, in light of known facts and well-established evidential arguments. The argumentation presented in these articles is compelling, and not easily dismissed.

“Does it matter?” “Why should I care?”

The question of whether Darwinian Evolution presents the real story of our true origins is one of the most important questions anyone could consider. Just as someone might investigate their family origins in order to inherit a potential fortune, the rewards that come from nailing the question of Evolution down once and for all cannot be over-emphasized. The challenge here is for supporters of Darwin’s theory to find any flaw in the reasoning and argumentation set out in these articles.

If Darwin was right, humanity has no hope. If Darwin was wrong, then the alternative is worth investigating!